information for students - financial support

Education is virtually free in Turkey compared to many European countries. Although it varies from department to department, tuition fees are to be paid in two instalments, one in September and the other in February. All the local students, unless they are well-off, can claim this amount from the govermental sources. The students whose application to the Credit and Dormitories Agency for the payment of tuition fees has been approved are also given a monthly stipend. There are also other govermental and private sources to which students can apply for financial support.

Karadeniz Technical University is one of the higher education institutions in the country that has its own foundation, named "Karadeniz University Strenghtening Foundation". The university has also established a voluntary organisation called "Help Volunteers Foundation" which is run by the Directorate of Health, Culture and Sports. Through these organisations, the students in the university who are in financial difficulties are traced and helped. The Directorate of Health, Culture and Sports also has financial sources to cover the lunch and dinner expenses of such students and also to provide them with clothing once a year.

The foreign students seeking a full degree and the exchange students spending one or two semesters at KTU are expected not to have any financial problems since they are paid a monthly stipend or bursary by their national agencies or home institutions. However, if, by any means, they run into dificulty, the university will try to help them out.