information for students - insurance

Karadeniz Technical University pays utmost attention to the safety and health of its students and staff alike. The insurance system related to health issues work in different ways: the students whose parents are protected by any insurance policy through their occupation are covered by this insurance. Such students can benefit from any kind of treatment free of charge. They are also protected against any accidents, both study-related and not related. The students who do not have any insurance policies inherited from their parents are covered by the Directorate of Health, Culture and Sports of the University, and can use all the medical facilities both in and outside the university.

The Directorate of Health, Culture and Sports provide full insurance, against study-related occupational accidents and illnesses as well as third party liabilities,  for students working part-time in different places on the campus and those carrying out summer practice in the university as well as in companies outside.

The exchange students and other foreign students studying at Karadeniz Technical University are requıired to have their own insurance policies. The policies purchased outside Turkey is only valid if it has an international validity. If these students do not have any cover, they are urged and asked to buy one from many policy providers as soon as they enter the country . Such a policy costs around 40 € per month and will cover the owner against all kinds of accidents and ilnesses.