information for students - student associations

The students of Karadeniz Technical University are provided with all the facilities to establish associations or clubs and run them without any difficulty. The University has already prepared a directive including the guidelines of establishing new associations and operating them, and passed it through the University Senate. All of the student associations are bound with this directive to which they have to obey. The directorate of Health, Culture and Sports have a certain budget spared for each student associations which are also provided with rooms in the Building of Student's Clubs. The students are highly willing to set up new clubs and associations.

At Karadeniz Technical University, there are more than 100 student clubs which are organised in four different groups: Academic clubs, Cultural clubs, Social clubs, Sports clubs. The list of all the clubs are given below:
a) Academic Clubs: These are student clubs involved in preparing scientific activities related to the subject area.
  • Biology Club
  • Chemistry Students Club
  • Civil Engineering Students' Club
  • Computer Engineering Students' cLub
  • Electrical-Electronics Club
  • Finance Club
  • Forest Industrial Engineering Science Club
  • Forestry Engineering Students' Club
  • Geodesy and Photogrammetry Club
  • Geology Club
  • Geophysics Students' Club
  • History Club
  • Internal Architecture Students' Club
  • International Relations Club
  • Landscape Club
  • Literature Club
  • Management and Economics Club
  • Mathematics Club
  • Mechanical Engineering Students' Club
  • Mechatronics Club
  • Metallurgy and Material Science Club
  • Nursing Club
  • Mining Engineering Students' Club
  • Philology Club
  • Physics Club
  • Science Club
  • Scientific Research Society of Medicine Students Club
  • Social Sciences Club
  • Statistics and Computer Science Club
  • Urbanism Club 

b) Social Clubs: These are student clubs involved in preparing social activities related to the field of the club.
  • Communication and Organisation Club
  • Debate Club
  • Environment (Green) Club
  • Erasmus Club (ESN Trabzon)
  • European Union Club
  • Orienteering Club
  • Project Production Club
c) Cultural Clubs: Student associations involved in preparing cultural activities related to the field of the club
  • Atatürk’s Thoughts Club
  • Book and Social Researches Club
  • Cultural Activities and Movie Club
  • Cultural Arts Club
  • Dance Club
  • Photography and Visual Arts Club
  • Turkish Folk Music Club
  • Theatre Club
  • Western Music Club
d) Sports Clubs: Student associations involved in preparing sports activities related to the field of the club.
  • Archery Club
  • Aviation Club
  • Chess Club
  • Cycling Club
  • Golf Club
  • Mountaineering and Winter Sports Club
  • Sailing Club
  • Scouting Club
  • Squash Club
  • Tennis Club
  • Water Sports and Marine Club