information for students - traineeship

Karadeniz Technical University (KTU) is aware of the importance of practical application in teaching and learning process and therefore most of the applied degree programmes at KTU have a compulsory traineeship period in their curriculum, which is a prerequisite for graduation. Departments within the Engineering, Forestry, Architecture and Marine Sciences faculties involve 60 working days of internship programme to be completed in at least two different relevant industrial sectors during the summer period till the end of the forth year. The internship in these academic units is a compulsory portion of the curriculum and is represented by two 4 ECTS courses (namely Professional Practise I and Professional Practise II) in the forth year of the degree, one in each term. Each of these two courses requires a month-long workload in industry. The students who have completed 30 working days in industry and prepared a full report about the programme he/she has followed during the internship may apply the department he/she belongs to and ask the person in charge to evaluate his/her internship period. If the evaluation is successful, then the student is given a pass grade for the Professional Practise I course. The same is done following the second internship period and the student gets a pass grade for the Professional Practise II course. If not, then he/she is asked to complete the internship to fulfil 60 working days rule. As soon as this is achieved, the student gets a pass grade for each course. Faculties of Dentistry and Medicine have one year long internship periods to be completed within the hospitals of each faculty or in equivalent organisations both within and outside the country. The details related to the internship periods of different degree programmes can be found in their course catalogue.