The LE-CORE (Learner Corpus Research Group) is a research group at Karadeniz Technical University that specialized in corpus linguistics, learner corpus and phraseology. LE-CORE group members consist of eight core researchers and several small focus groups from undergraduate (BA, BS) to graduate students (MA, MS and PhD) currently majoring at Karadeniz Technical University. LE-CORE   introduced corpus linguistics to the Department of English and the Institute of Graduate School of Natural and Applied Sciences, KTU with several course applications and research projects. The group has also compiled several discipline-specific corpora for lexical investigations on a wide range of areas from linguistics to engineering to help undergraduate and graduate learners to write scientific articles by using genre-based terminology appropriately. The group is currently working on the annotated versions of two learner corpora which contain academic and expository argumentative essays by Turkish learners. Both corpora have been compiled according to strict-design criteria and currently hold slightly more than a total of ten million words.



Ali Şükrü ÖZBAY     (Assist. Prof. Dr., Project Coordinator, Karadeniz Technical University)

Mustafa Zeki ÇIRAKLI (Assoc. Prof. Dr., Project Assistant, Karadeniz Technical University)

Tuncer AYDEMİR     (PhD): Project Assistant, Karadeniz Technical University)

Zehra GÜRSOY       (MA): Project Assistant, Karadeniz Technical University)

Ayşenur HOŞOĞLU  (MA): Project Assistant, Karadeniz Technical University)

Elçin NAKIŞ            (BA): Project Assistant, Karadeniz Technical University)

Buse UZUNER        (MA): Project Assistant, Karadeniz Technical University)

Tuğba ÇITLAK        (MA): Project Assistant, Karadeniz Technical University)