content development and program management

KTU DEARC offers professional support for the staff of both our university and other educational institutions to support and enhance education via the development and presentation of various contents, training materials, and support tools.

Requests and Evaluation

Applicants can deliver their project draft by hand to DEARC. The requests are evaluated by the experts of the project department; and if needed, the main features of the software projects are detailed and technical provisions are examined if available or support on specifications is provided. Then, a specific working schedule is arranged for the development of the software regarding its technical provisions, and the experts and promoters work coordinately in this process.


KTU DEARC supports the processes of developing, managing, tracking, reporting and virtualizing training tools regarding the needs of education institutions or the requests of the academic staff. So, the provided services are:

-Reformatting the contents,

-Converting the contents to reportable data packages,

-Setting and configuring the content management systems regarding the goals,

-Providing training for using content management systems.