freelance consultant engineer course completion training

Training Objectives

About the Program

Regarding Article 9 of the Regulation of the Chamber of Electrical Engineers Free Consulting Engineering Service; required courses for the graduates of the Electrics-Electronics Engineering department who want to work as freelance consulting engineers are available for them to obtain the Electricity 1 kV.+ and Electricity 1 kV.- Facilities FCE certificates.  



The courses of the Freelance Consultant Engineer Course Completion Program will be carried out using the distance education (blended) system. For the theoretical lecturing of the courses, participants are given usernames and passwords to log in to online classes. The online courses are carried out as live sessions with the attendance of the participants. The practical courses are carried out at the Distance Education Application Research Center 2 days before the final exams. Participants are supposed to attend 70% of the courses.  


For the Freelance Consultant Engineer Course Completion Program, mid-term exams are conducted online while final exams are conducted face-to-face in the exam halls of the Distance Education Application Research Center. The total course hour for each course is 42 hours and the courses are completed in 6 six. 


Power Systems Analysis

Electrical Machines

 High Voltage Technique

Required Documents

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Application Fee: 

For one course: 800 TL

For two courses: 1500 TL

For three courses: 2000 TL

 (No refund will be available after the start of the courses)

Bank: T.C. ZIRAAT BANKASI, Üniversite Şubesi

Account name: KTÜ Döner Sermaye Saymanlığı

Account No: 11825144-5010

IBAN: TR83 0001 0012 2511 8251 4450 10 - Karadeniz Teknik Üniversitesi

 ('KTUUZEMSMM2001' must be added to the “explanation” for the payment.)


Electrical Machines

Basic Concepts and Definitions

Ampere's Law

Magnetic Equivalent Circuits


Direct Current Machines

Asynchronous Machines

Synchronous Machines


High Voltage Technique

Energy Transmission Systems-Static Electric Field

Electrode Systems

Discharge Phenomena in Gases and Insulating Gases

Discharge Phenomena in Liquids and Insulating Oils

Discharge Phenomena in Solid Insulators and Solid Insulators

Elements of Energy-System with High Voltage

Generating High Voltage


Protection Against Overvoltage

Measuring at High Voltage

Power Systems Analysis

Basic Concepts and Definitions

Grid Shapes

Building and Arranging Networks

Criteria for Line Section Calculations

Voltage Drop Calculations

Voltage Drop Calculations in Radial Network

In Evenly Loaded Networks

In Mixed Load Networks

In Networks Fed from Both Sides

Voltage Drop Calculations in Networks with Nodal Points

Network Faults and Short Circuit Calculations

Reactive Power Compensation

Conductors Used in Electrical Energy Distribution

Underground Cables

Network Faults and Short Circuit Calculations


Prof. Dr. Halil İbrahim OKUMUŞ

Assist. Prof. Dr. Fatih Mehmet NUROĞLU


Electricity above 1 kV. / below 1 kV.- FCE certificates


This certificate is an FCE document covering the facilities with an effective value above 1000V and below 1000V stated in the Electric High Current Facilities Regulation, facilities with strong and weak currents with an effective value below 1000V, and elevator facilities in the Electric Interior Facilities Regulation. Electricity above 1kV and below 1kV certificates are issued to electrical engineers and graduate engineers.

If electrical-electronic engineers request FCE certificate for facilities above 1kV and below 1kV; their transcript is required for the certificate to be issued. In case of providing credits for "electrical machines", "transmission systems", "distribution systems", "power systems", "energy systems", "electrical facilities", "protection", "high voltage technique" or other courses having similar content but different names; those engineers can obtain the Electricity above 1 kV. below 1 kV. FCE certificates.


Required Courses in the Transcript

The required courses are supposed to be proved only by Electrics-Electronics Engineers and MSC Engineers. If electrical-electronic engineers request an FCE certificate for facilities above 1kV and below 1kV; their transcript is required for the certificate to be issued. These courses are not provided by the Chamber of Electrical Engineers. So, required courses shall be completed by taking undergraduate/postgraduate classes. Graduates can also enrol in certain universities as private students to complete the required courses.

Regarding the decision taken by the Chamber of the Electrical Engineers on the 12th of October 2018; graduates before 2020, shall not complete these courses by taking courses after graduation. (see the related document


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Phone: +90 0462 377 1810