robotics programming training for trainers certificate program

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Karadeniz Technical University Distance Education Application and Research Center provides Robotic Programming Training for Trainers’ Certificate Program

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  • Participants will be given a certificate of achievement or a certificate of participation regarding their success in the exam that will be conducted at the end of the training.
  • Participants are supposed to have an Ardunio beginner set. The current price of the set is about 200-250 TL and bulk order is preferred.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Teachers of all fields/levels/institutions, pre-service teachers, undergraduate students, and others who have an interest in robotic programming can enrol on the training.
  • Participants should have basic computer skills and knowledge.


The fee of the certificate program is 500 TL.


Bank: T.C. ZIRAAT BANKASI, Üniversite Şubesi

Account name: KTÜ Döner Sermaye Saymanlığı

Account No: 11825144-5010

IBAN: TR83 0001 0012 2511 8251 4450 10 - Karadeniz Teknik Üniversitesi

 ('UZEMEĞİTİCİEĞİTİMİ' must be added to the “explanation” for the payment.)

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Application: Karadeniz Technical University, Distance Education Application Research Center, Kanuni Campus, 61080 - Ortahisar / TRABZON

Phone: +90 0462 377 1810