use of basic information technologies certificate program


About the Program

Participants will be able to use the basics of a computer, create documents, work with documents in MS Word, make numerical calculations in MS Excel, prepare presentations with MS PowerPoint and navigate the internet world with Internet Explorer by having the Use of Basic Information Technologies Certificate Program.

IT Certificate

Basic information technology certificate is a certificate proving one’s knowledge and competency on computers. This certificate, which is required for promotion in public service, is also required during the application to many departments. With this certificate, participants can also work as IT teacher in private courses.


The duration of the training and exams is 1 month.

Training courses and exams will be carried out online by using distance education.

Participants can attend classes from all provinces of Turkey.

Online courses will be accessible on 7/24 during the training days.

Participants’ usernames and passwords are sent to their e-mails.

During the online courses, both the instructor and the presentation will be available on the screen.

The exams will be conducted online regarding the European Online Exam Consortium.

Each participant can attend the exams three times.

Certificates are given to the participants with an overall score of +60.

Certificates are sent as cargo to the participants (counter-payment) within 15 days following the end of the training.

Training Fee

The Use of Basic Information Technologies Certificate Program fee is 170 TL.

Bank: T.C. ZIRAAT BANKASI, Üniversite Şubesi

Account name: KTÜ Döner Sermaye Saymanlığı

Account No: 11825144-5010

IBAN: TR83 0001 0012 2511 8251 4450 10 - Karadeniz Teknik Üniversitesi

(Applicants are given an account in 24 hours and informed via SMS)

Training Content

Introduction to Computer

Computer, History of Computer, Types of Computers, Computer Units


System, Input, Output, Storage, Communication, Operation Logic of Computer


System, Application, Programming Language, Types of Software by Usage Rights

The Place and Importance of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) in Our Lives

Importance of ICT, Use of ICT, Information Society, Digital Citizenship, E-government

Use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) and Health

ICT Use and Health

Privacy and Security in the Use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT)

Information and Data Security, Security Measures, Malware, Copyrights, Cybercrimes, Safe Internet Precautions

Use of Computer

Turning on the Computer, Desktop Gadgets, Working with Windows, File Management

Introduction to Word Processors

Introduction, Office Word 2016, Office Word 2016 Screen, Opening and Saving Documents, Office Word 2016 Menu, Keyboard Shortcuts

Text Selection and Clipboard Operations

Selection, Moving, Clipboard


Font Formatting, Format Painter, Adjusting Page Margins and Paragraph Indents Using Ruler, Paragraph Formatting, Borders and Shading, Bullets and Numbering, Superscripts and Subscripts

Rollback and Renewal Operations

Undo, Refresh and Shortcuts


Zoom Views, Full-Screen Reading, Show/Hide Ruler, Windows Arrangement

Object Additions

Creating Styles and Table of Contents, Adding Page Numbers, Creating Footnotes, Adding and Formatting Images and Tables

Document Printing Operations

Page Setup and Printing Processes

Spreadsheet and Graphing

Excel, Excel Interface, Ability to Use and Customize Quick Access Bar, Worksheet and Components, Menu Bar, Opening New File, Frequently Used Shortcuts


Adding, Deleting, Naming, Colouring, Moving or Copying a Worksheet


Selecting Cell/Row/Column, Adding and Deleting Cells, Specifying Column Width and Row Height, Hiding-Showing Row/Column

Data Entry and Formatting

Data Entry, Formatting Data, Aligning Data, Conditional Formatting, Auto filling and Completing

Formulas and Calculations

Formula Writing, Mathematical Formulas, Statistical Formulas, Textual Formulas, Historical Formulas, Logical Formulas, Quick Access to Formulas


Chart and Its Types, Chart Elements, Creating Charts, Changing Chart Type, Editing and Formatting Charts

Sorting and Filtering, Pivot Tables

Sorting, Filtering, Pivot Tables

Introduction to Presentation Technologies

Introduction, Effective Presentation Steps, Mistakes in Presentations, Common Presentation Technologies

Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 Landing Page and Essential Parts

Landing Page and Menus, Adding Slides

Presentation Views

Presentation Views, Designs


Formatting Objects on a Slide, Background, Colour Schemes, Slide Layout, Design Layouts, Slide Masters, Add Slide Numbers

Transitions, Animations and Slideshow

Slide Transitions, Custom Animation, Timing Rehearsal

Printing and Saving the Presentation

Saving the Presentation, Printing the Presentation

Basic Concepts of the Internet

Login, Internet, www, http, Url, Address Line, Structure of Web Addresses, Web Browser, Search Engine, E-Mail, Creating Gmail Account, Sending and Receiving e-Mail

Using Internet

Structure of the Internet, Basic Concepts of the Internet, Opportunities of the Internet, Searching the Internet, Internet Security

Social networks

General Social Networks, Business Networks, Corporate Social Networks, Forums, Microblogs, Photo Sharing, Product/Service Reviews, Video Sharing, Live Broadcast Sharing, Audio and Music Sharing, Company Reviews, Q&A, Event Sites, Wikis, Social Bookmarking, Social News Channels


Eligibility Criteria

Everyone can apply for this training and no level of graduation is required.

Participants are supposed to complete the pre-application step, otherwise, their applications will not be submitted.

Pre-registration step is completed online.

Payment for the training can be made via credit or bank card.

Participants who prefer making payments via credit card are supposed to send an e-mail adding the front face picture of their ID.

Participants who prefer making payment via bank card are supposed to send an e-mail adding their front face picture of their ID and receipt.

Applications without payment will not be accepted.

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Application: Karadeniz Technical University, Distance Education Application Research Center, Kanuni Campus, 61080 - Ortahisar / TRABZON

Phone: +90 0462 377 1810

Fax : +90 0462 666 0062

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