real estate literacy certificate program for all

Training Objectives

The training program aims to provide the participants with the basics of real estate management by offering information on land registry and transactions, cadastre, zoning plan and applications, expropriation, and condominium. The courses are carried out by the experts of the Real Estate Valuation and Development Department with marketing experience to make the participants familiar with the real estate management without a bachelor’s degree in this field. In this sense, the main objective of this training is to increase real estate literacy and awareness for everyone by providing the required basics of real estate management.



There is no age limit for the participants.

The courses are carried out online as live classes by the Distance Education Application Research Center.



  • To obtain basic information about the land registry, cadastral technical documents and zoning plans,
  • To obtain information about rights, responsibilities and restrictions on real estate,
  • To understand basic plan implementation methods,
  • To learn about Zoning Law and Land Conservation Law,
  • To get a roadmap for the expropriation of the property or the restriction of the zoning plan,
  • To gain knowledge of condominium legislation and timeshare.

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Registration Form (Click for the Form)        


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Application fee: 400 TL

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Account Name: KTÜ Döner Sermaye Saymanlığı

Account No: 11825144-5010

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Assoc. Prof. Dr. Yakup Emre ÇORUHLU

+90 0462 3772773

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Okan YILDIZ

+90 0462 3772724


Land Registry and Transactions (4 hours)

Land Registry and Land Registry Organization

Principles and Elements of the Land Registry and Transactions in the Land Registry

Rights, Real Rights, Property Law and Possession

Transactions in the Land Registry (registration, correction, cancellation, power of attorney, etc.) and Sections of the Registry (Annotations, Declarations, Easement Rights, etc.),

Cadastre (4 hours)

Concept of Ownership and Definition of Cadastre

Associating the Property with the Cadastre

Cadastre Organization (Cadastre, LIHKAB, private offices)

Cadastral Change Processes (parcelling, amalgamation, type change, application, etc.)

Zoning Plan and Applications (4 Hours)

Local Government Units and Planning

Types of Zoning Plans, Implementation Zoning Plans and Elements of Plan (Legend and Plan Notes)

Zoning Plan Implementation Tools

Land Arrangement (Application of the 18th Article)

Expropriation (4 hours)

The Definition of Expropriation and Its Technical and Legal Analysis

Valuation and Evaluation in Expropriation

Administrative Organizations Processes and Litigation in Expropriation

Technical and Legal Problems Encountered in Expropriation

Condominium (4 hours)


Organization and Necessary Documents for Condominium

Condominium Servitude, Conversion and Time-Share Right

Construction in Return for Flat and Contracts


Assoc. Prof. Dr. Yakup Emre ÇORUHLU (Real Estate Valuation and Development)

Prof. Dr. Bayram UZUN (Land Management)

Prof. Dr. Volkan YILDIRIM

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Okan YILDIZ


Application: Karadeniz Technical University, Distance Education Application Research Center, Kanuni Campus, 61080 - Ortahisar / TRABZON

Phone: +90 0462 377 1810