occupational health and safety basic education certificate program (KTU students)

About the Program

Occupational Health and Safety Basic Education Certificate Program is compulsory training for the students who apply for the internship. Regarding Occupational Health and Safety Law No: 6331; providing necessary occupational health and safety information for the intern students to fulfil the required duties is aimed.

 Eligibility Criteria

Students of Karadeniz Technical University can apply for the training program.


Main Topics

Week 1: OHS and Legislation in Laws

Week 2: Workplace Cleaning and Order

Health Issues

Week 3: Health Surveillance and Occupational Diseases

Week 4: Biological and Psychosocial Risk Factors

Week 5: Basic First Aid

Technical Issues

Week 6: Physical, Chemical and Ergonomic Risk Factors

Week 7: OHS in Manual Lifting and Transport Works

Week 8: Fire and Fire Protection

Week 9: Working with Display Tools and Safe Use of Work Equipment

Week 10: Occupational Health and Safety in Electrical Works

Week 11: Accidents at work

Week 12: Health and Safety Signs

Week 13: Personal Protective Equipment

Week 14: OHS Overview, Development of Concepts and Rules

Week 15: Emergency Plans


The workflow from the application process to Occupational Health and Safety Training to the completion of the training is carried out by following the steps:

  • Students apply to their departments.
  • Relevant departments send the received applications to KTU UZEM with a cover letter by filling in the Form-1 specified in the Forms.
  • Also, after adding Form-1 as a file attachment, it should be sent to ktuisgtesp@gmail.com as an e-mail.
  • Student login information submitted by the department secretaries are introduced to the system by KTU DEARC.
  • After the students log in to the system, they follow the online courses.
  •  The students who are successful at the end of the online exam are entitled to receive a certificate.




Application: Karadeniz Technical University, Distance Education Application Research Center, Kanuni Campus, 61080 - Ortahisar / TRABZON

Phone: +90 0462 377 1810

E-mail: ktuisgtesp@gmail.com