entrepreneurship and innovation management (non-thesis)

Training Objectives

The main goal of this training is to educate prospective students to discuss and interpret the theoretical topics in the related fields, and to acquire skills in analytical thinking and scientific research.

Term Project: The Term Project, which is defined by the student and supervisor, is supposed to be enrolled in the second term at the earliest and be completed by documenting a project /rapport at the end of the term. The Term Project is a non-credit course and is evaluated as successful/unsuccessful.

Qualifying Test: Those who have successfully completed courses and the Term Project will be eligible for Qualifying Test. In this test, students are interviewed by a committee of three jury members who are suggested by the Head of the Department and appointed by the Administrative Board of the Graduate School. The Qualifying Test contains the topics of the courses taken and the Term Project, and students are considered successful/unsuccessful by the majority regarding the evaluation of the exam.

Education Fee

6.000 TL (3.000 TL x 2 terms)

For term extension (3 terms), +200 TL is charged for each credit course.


The duration of the program is minimum of 2 years and the program must be completed in 3 years regardless of course enrolment.


Courses of Master’s Degree in Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management





Entrepreneurship and Innovation


Innovation Economics


Main Economic Indicators


Leadership and Management Skills


Intellectual Property and Competition Law


Product and Process Development


Decision-Making Techniques


Electronic Trade




1st Year Spring Term


Project Management


Financial Accounting for Entrepreneurs


Technology and Innovation Management


Logistics and Supply Chain Management


Market and Marketing Research


Cost Analysis and Management


Business Plan and Business Model Development


R&D Supports and Financing the Innovation Process


Prof. Dr. Hasan AYYILDIZ

Prof. Dr. Seyfettin ARTAN

Prof. Dr. H. Sabri KURTULDU

Prof. Dr. Taner ACUNER

Prof. Dr. Emrullah DEMİRCİ

Prof. Dr. Selçuk PERÇİN

Prof. Dr. Ali TEMİZ

Prof. Dr. Uğur KAYA

Prof. Dr. Adem KALÇA

Prof. Dr. Fikret ÇANKAYA

Prof. Dr. Bünyamin ER

Prof. Dr. Haydar AKYAZI

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mustafa TÜYSÜZ

Assist. Prof. Dr. Ömer Faruk YILMAZ

Assist. Prof. Dr. Kemal ÇAKAR

Assist. Prof. Dr. Muhammed Hanefi CALP


Postgraduate Students’ Affairs Office

Phone: +90 0462 377 22 44


Mustafa ALVER



Department Coordinator




+900462 377 2964