Katılımcı Tecrübeleri

Anna Liyasova - 2024

Hi! My name is Anna Liyasova. I am a postgraduate student from Belgrade. This year I spent 2 months in Trabzon doing my Erasmus Traineeship at the Distance Education Application and Research Center (UZEM). 

This internship was one of the best experiences that I ever had in life. First of all, it gave me the most important opportunity to apply my mainly theoretical knowledge that I got while studying at university to real-life projects and tasks and develop practical professional skills in a real work environment. During the internship, I received sufficient training support from my mentor and colleagues. I enjoyed the family-like atmosphere that was shared in the working team. Here I found new workmates and friends, and I hope the connections made at UZEM will last for long.

If you consider doing your internship in Trabzon, UZEM might be a great option for the realization of your professional goals and become a good start in your career. Trabzon is a nice cozy town with beautiful nature and an inspiring landscape of mountains and sea. People in Trabzon are kind and hospitable. They are always ready to help. So, just go for it, because this experience might become one of the best times in your life!