Discussion on "Türkiye-Azerbaijan Relations After the Karabakh Victory"

In a recent conference titled "Turkey-Azerbaijan Relations After the Karabakh Victory," hosted at our university, a remarkable turnout of participants marked the success of the event. The conference, organized in collaboration with Dr. Rashad MAMMADOV, the Ambassador of Azerbaijan to Ankara, took place at the Nazım TERİZOĞLU Amphitheater. Dignitaries such as Aziz YILDIRIM (Governor of Trabzon), Prof. Dr. Hamdullah ÇUVALCI (Rector of the university), and Associate Professor Dr. Nuru GULIYEV (Consul General of Azerbaijan in Kars) graced the occasion, along with representatives from public institutions, academic and administrative staff, and students.


'We Will Expand Collaborations'

Addressing the audience in his opening speech, Rector Prof. Dr. Hamdullah ÇUVALCI underscored the deepening ties between Türkiye and Azerbaijan, emphasizing the concept of "One Nation, Two States." Expressing great satisfaction with the partnership, he stated, "This collaboration, contributing to the strengthening of ties and fostering collaboration between Azerbaijan and Türkiye, has pleased us immensely. As a country and university, we are committed to continuing our brotherhood with the Republic of Azerbaijan. I extend my gratitude to all contributing to the regional stability." Prof. Dr. ÇUVALCI also highlighted the protocols signed between the university and institutions in Azerbaijan during his address.


Governor Yıldırım Emphasizes Brotherhood

Governor Aziz YILDIRIM, speaking at the program, highlighted the enduring friendly and fraternal atmosphere characterizing political relations between Türkiye and Azerbaijan. He emphasized the significance of the triple and quadruple cooperation mechanisms established with Azerbaijan, noting their contribution to regional stability, peace, and prosperity. Governor YILDIRIM expressed his gratitude to Ambassador Rashad MEMMEDOV for his visit and the insightful conferences.


Dr. MAMMADOV Addresses Important Issues

Following the opening speeches, Ambassador Dr. Rashad MAMMADOV delivered a conference on "Türkiye-Azerbaijan Relations After the Karabakh Victory," shedding light on the significant collaborations between the two nations. He shared crucial information about the steps taken post-Karabakh victory, concluding the conference with a Q&A session involving students and a presentation of a gift from Governor Aziz YILDIRIM to Ambassador Dr. Rashad MAMMADOV. The event successfully fostered a deeper understanding of the vital matters discussed.


04 December 2023