KTU Students Ranked Third in the Turkish Aerospace LIFT UP Program with the Project about Polymer Foams for Electromagnetic Shielding

In the LIFT UP Projects Program conducted by Turkish Aerospace Industries (TAI), the project titled "Polymer Foams for Electromagnetic Shielding" by Yiğit Fatih AYCEL and Hamza YALÇIN, senior students at the Department of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering of our University, came in third. In the TAI LIFT UP Program, 170 projects from 6 different disciplines were evaluated.

The advisor of the project was Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mustafa ASLAN, Faculty Member of our University, and TAI Senior R&D Lead Engineer Merve ÖZKUTLU DEMİREL was the Industrial Advisor. Yiğit Fatih AYCEL, one of our undergraduate students, took part in the project as the project coordinator and Hamza YALÇIN as a researcher.

This project aimed to provide electromagnetic shielding properties for the polymer foam material. The electromagnetic permeability of the composite material was tested with the VNA (Network Analyzer) device in the 8-12 GHz band, and its shielding feature was determined.

Radar invisibility technology is still one of the most important research topics for our National Combat Fighter Aircraft “KAAN”. The radar invisibility feature can be provided to KAAN using paint or coating derivative methods. This project, produced by the researchers at our university, will make a valuable contribution to the National Defense System. The project developed by our university students is an important invention for the production of radar invisibility technology, which is called the 5th generation stealth aircraft.

The fact that our students came in third in the TAI LIFT UP Program with their project "Polymer Foams for Electromagnetic Shielding" is an indication that TAI UAV Technologies and Thermal Management Systems Laboratory, which recently became operational within our University, enables successful studies and supports students in achieving success in their projects. These laboratories, which provide researchers with the opportunity to conduct applied research and give students the opportunity to develop their technical and scientific skills, contribute positively to our students' awareness of their talents and future careers.

16 August 2023