Our University Hosted the International Conference on Civil Engineering and Architecture: Earthquake Reality in Turkiye Was Evaluated

The 3rd International Conference on Civil Engineering and Architecture (ICEARC'23), which is traditionally held every two years at Karadeniz Technical University, started on October 12 with the participation of scientists from 12 countries and 85 universities from Turkiye. Trabzon Governor Aziz YILDIRIM, Rector of our University Prof. Dr. Hamdullah ÇUVALCI, Director of Environment, Urbanization and Climate Change Uğur KORKMAZ, Deputy Mayor of Trabzon Metropolitan Municipality Atilla ATAMAN, Mayor of Ortahisar Municipality Ahmet Metin GENÇ, and many scientists attended the opening of the conference. Giving the opening speech of the conference, Our Rector Prof. Dr. Hamdullah ÇUVALCI pointed out that Karadeniz Technical University was at the forefront in directing innovation and the importance of this workshop for Turkiye.

“We are at the place where ideas flourish.”

Describing Karadeniz Technical University as a place where 'ideas flourish', our Rector Prof. Dr. Hamdullah ÇUVALCI said, "This is a place where ideas flourish, talents are nurtured and future leaders are educated. In this context, the International Conference on Civil Engineering and Architecture (ICEARC'23), hosted for the 3rd time, was jointly organized by Departments of Civil Engineering and Architecture at our university. The conference provides a unique platform for researchers, academics, and professionals from around the world to exchange ideas, discover innovations, and establish valuable partnerships. What makes ICEARC'23 even more special is its focus on a topic that occurred earlier this year and is of great interest to us. On February 6, 2023, the reality of earthquakes in our country and the measures that need to be taken will be discussed with a special focus on the Kahramanmaraş-based earthquakes that we experienced on February 6, 2023. Debates on Turkey's Earthquake Reality and Precautions to be Taken" will bring together the people who work at the highest level in our institutions related to earthquakes and the leading names of the scientific community. ICEARC'23, which will bring together more than 400 researchers and scientists from 12 different countries, will be a unique opportunity to discuss the latest developments in the field of Civil Engineering and Architecture, as well as to offer solutions to an important issue through the earthquake panel to be held within its body."

Experts Evaluated the Factors of the Earthquake Disaster

Advisor to the Rector Prof. Dr. Ahmet Can ALTUNIŞIK  from the Department of Civil stated that Kahramanmaraş earthquakes had a special importance, which were examined in the conference. He said that "There are buildings that are in the spotlight after the earthquake, such as İsias Hotel in Adıyaman, Ebrar Site in Kahramanmaraş, Rönesans building in Hatay, whose names are now in the press. We are evaluating the factors that are effective in the collapse of these buildings, the suitability of the building to the project, material values and ground surveys, and the people involved in all kinds of work from the design and construction to completion of the building. We are trying to determine whether there are people involved in the collapse of this building and the death of people, who these people are, and the degree of fault."

Measures to be Taken were Discussed

Experts in the fields of civil engineering and architecture made presentations in 50 sessions and explained new technological developments in related sciences. In the conference, examples from earthquakes around the world were given, and Turkiye's earthquake reality and the measures that can be taken were discussed with a special focus on the Kahramanmaraş-centered earthquakes that occurred on February 6 and caused thousands of deaths in 11 provinces.

20 October 2023